We're not just a booze brand.

We haven't created a booze business just to be another brand on the shelf.

Our background is solidly rooted in the primary industries with years of study, work, learning, reading and connections across the sector. Having this knowing, means we empathize with our rural peers. Often New Zealand gets thrown into the commodity product category and because of this, our passion is to add value to the produce grown in our beautiful regions, in turn, providing our producers with the opportunity to minimise waste and maximise their returns in fruit that may be smaller, weather damaged or lower value.

You see - this produce to us, is gold and our mission is to make an impact by utilising the massive amount of fruit waste in New Zealand and adding value to honey by turning it into something unique before it hits shelves or ships.

This passion, paired with our desire to be a transparent, wholesome business means that we've made a promise to stay away from fruit extracts and flavourings - instead putting in the hard yards and using whole juiced fruits, collected directly from the orchards and used in our unique mead flavours, while keeping the money in our regions.

Our mission is to tell the stories of our regions, produce and seasons but pairing locally sourced fruits, herbs, spices and botanicals with with beautiful, local honey.

It's not just about us. It's about showcasing New Zealand and putting an end to wastage.

- Chanelle, Glenorchy

(What about our carbon emissions? #comingsoon...)

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