In 2018, Chanelle O’Sullivan stumbled upon an article about mead while on holiday and immediately saw the huge potential it had. Especially here in New Zealand with our clean, extensive ranges of honey and complimentary ingredients.

She immediately began writing notes full of flavour combinations and ideas around brewing. Then reality struck. Could Chanelle turn a hobby into a business? Fate intervened and over her year of pondering, she came across people with the surname Mead; signs for Mead Road; and news articles about a town called … you guessed it Mead!

Chanelle had no choice but to accept that perhaps the universe was trying to tell her something! Trying her hand at the ancient art of mead brewing resulted in some not-so-delectable beverages. It was time to seek assistance and she enlisted the aid of super-brewer Sam White and the pair of them jumped in to the world of Borage & Bee mead with both feet.



When developing the Borage & Bee concept, we wanted to keep it clean. No added sugars, or sweeteners, no artificial flavours, colours or extracts and in time - we also have a plan to ensure we are sulphite free!

Regeneration, transparency and community are also at the forefront of our mead. This is why we chose cans over bottles, recycled cardboard over plastic and sugarcane pulp can rings. Why we have chosen to buy from smaller family owned suppliers and want to bring you along for the journey.

Every bit counts and we wanted to start on the right side of history.

- Chanelle