*Shortdated* Semi-Sweet Session Mead


Well, you see - she's not ACTUALLY short-dated. For our first commercial run we opted to put a 6 month 'best before date' while we did some further stability testing. Turns out, she's blown all expectations and could have gone 18 months without a problem.

The good news for you, is that now you get perfectly good, delicious mead for summer, at a sweet price! Our loss is your gain. #yourewelcome


Our semi-sweet mead  is creamy, luscious, floral and almost pear-like. She’s sweet - but not too sweet, dressed to the nines and ready to be shown off to the masses. Like our dry mead, she has floral with notes of red appleskin, borage and mānuka. 

She's also lower in calories, carbohydrates, (honey) sugar (8gm per can!) than your typical cider. Our first batch contains just a little preservatives and is gluten free!* Nothing else but honey, yeast and water - naturally fermented. 

We don't, and never will, hide behind anything. #knowwhatyouredrinking

Price is for one case of 24 cans, at 330ml.

*P.S. We brew in a facility that also brews beer however we use NO ingredients containing gluten.

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who are we?

“At Borage and Bee Meadery we are using mead as a vessel to tell the stories of New Zealands regions, produce and seasons by showcasing local honey, fruits, herbs, spices and botanicals.”